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Bill Gustin


Bill Gustin, a 39 year veteran of fire service is captain of Miami Dade Fire Rescue and lead instructor in his department’s officer training programs. Gustin currently serves on the editorial board and is a technical advisor for Fire Engineering Magazine. He began his fire service career in the Chicago area and teaches fire training programs in Florida and other states.

Non-Sprinklered Condominiums: Synergy For Disaster.

Old buildings, older, physically impaired residents with pre-existing medical conditions, poorly inspected and maintained standpipe systems and inadequate water supplies combine with lack of sprinklers to make mid and high rise condominium buildings permitted in the state of Florida the potential for multiple. fatality fires. Bill Gustin will examine these and other factors that make these buildings so dangerous for residents and firefighters in this state and requirements for partial sprinkler protection and other improvements as parts of engineered life-safety systems. The class will examine measures that fire departments in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties are taking to improve tactics and enhance inter-operability in their high rise building fire responses.

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